Advanture park ”Primeval Forest”

Family adventure park in Gosau

If you really want to have lots of fun with your kids, whilst holidaying in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut, then visit the “Urzeitwald” (Primeval Forest) in Gosau: The exciting journey into the Earth’s history guarantees lots of variety!

Giant insects, Pterosaurs, mammoths and other prehistoric creatures await you at the foot of the powerful tines of the Gosaukamm. In the summer months, the sensational family adventure park in Gosau, with its life-size models, offers a lot of variety - a unique experience for young explorers!

We’ll take you back in time

The journey through millions of years begins amidst an approximately 2 m large walkable jellyfish - which symbolises the origins of life from water. We continue to Trilobites, the first fish, the first ever amphibians, the giant insects of the Carboniferous, the desert-like age of the Permian, on to the dinosaurs of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

All stations invite you to a playful and sporty challenge - whether it be balancing on the back of three meter large Trilobites "Anomalcaris" in shallow water or swinging through the forest on a prehistoric giant dragonfly. The absolute highlight is the flight on the back of a Pterosaur from the family of Pteranodons - with its five-meter wingspan; he glides through the primeval forest with up to four people. In the concluding Stone Age complex, life and culture of prehistoric people can be experienced at first hand – from lighting a fire using Hornstein lime stones or fishing trips on a primitive raft; and those who want to go higher can climb the life-size mammoth and observe everything from 3 metres high.

Another excursion tip

Whilst here, 100 minutes, or rather and 6000 seconds will fly by - fortunately still there is a centrally located snack bar, where guests can also grill by themselves. Visitors of all ages make their way playfully through 600 million years of geological history in the “Urzeitwald” Gosau and behind every tree awaits a surprise - all this in the beautiful mountain air of the Inner Salzkammergut. True to the motto: Gosau is Geology.

Another excursion tip

Our excursion tip: Why not combine a visit with your children to Gosau “Urzeitwald” with a trip to the Lake Gosau. The crystal-clear mountain lake, with views of the impressive Dachstein Glacier, is just a 5 minute drive away, with plenty of adventure opportunities awaiting you: refreshments from the Alm, typical Salzkammergut delicacies at the lakeside restaurant, an interesting theme trail of about one hour around the lake and a boat rental for hobby captains. Also recommended is the Gosau open air museum with its old farmhouses, which is directly adjacent to the primeval forest.