Gosau indoor pool

Bathing pleasure after skiing fun

In winter weaving over the white slopes is great fun for young and old. The crowning glory of such a winter's day is a visit to the Gosau indoor pool. Likewise, a swimming pool visit in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut is a great leisure activity in bad weather. Whether swimming laps or just splashing and horse around in the warm water - fun in the wet in the 12.5 x 25 m large pool can be as relaxing as exciting. The large glass front provides particularly beautiful mountain views, which parents can enjoy from their cosy lounger whilst relaxing.

Relaxation at the foot of the Gosaukamm

Sauna and solarium provide total peace and relaxation. You have the chance to relax and review your memories of the day and enjoy the peace and quiet, the warmth and laziness! Whether it is after an exhausting day on the ski slopes of the Dachstein West ski region, or on a rainy day in the summer, the pool of Gosau in the Salzkammergut is always in season!