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Welcome to Bad Goisern

The landscape garden of the Salzkammergut

The wide and charismatic valley of Bad Goisern stretches out from Hallstatt in the south to Bad Ischl, the summer holiday resort of the emperor in the north. Discoveries dating back to the Stone Age and the Hallstatt period enable us to establish that there was a close contact with villagers from the surrounding regions. The wood and agriculture industry developed very early in the wide fertile valley of Bad Goisern, to supply the mine in Hallstatt. This is how Bad Goisern is where it is now, on prettiest landscapes of the Salzkammergut. This enchanting village used to be called “The Monarchies most beautiful village“ and still hasn’t lost any of its charm. 

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Top Sights

There is so much to discover in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. Old mines, mighty cave worlds or spectacular glaciers at romantic lakes - a paradise for cultural- and nature lovers.

The Neuwildenstein Stately Home

Still not found any souvenirs from your vacation? Then why not take a look at Hand.Werk.Haus Goisern in the town's centre. Here you will find a large selection of unique handicrafts "Made in Salzkammergut" for all occasions.

Open Air Museum "Anzenaumühle"

Fancy fresh bread? Or would you like to watch the baker at work? Immerse yourself in a centuries-old history. Come with me to the Adventure Museum "Anzenaumühle" in Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt.Aa great family outing for the whole family. You should definitely check it out. Otherwise you missed something.

The Landler museum

Exhibits include local history and documentation relating to the first settlements in the valley, folk culture and art, artists and photography, the famous Goisern boot/shoe maker and many more…

Cave world for mountaineers

Cave world, World Heritage spiral and possibly the most spectacular viewing platform in the Alps – all offer the perfect setting for a day’s adventure on the Krippenstein in Obertraun.

Salt Mine Hallstatt

On the trail of the "Man in Salt" in the oldest salt mine in the world. Going through tunnels which have been hand dug by people over 3000 years ago. A Family Experience!

Hiking to Löckermoos High Moor

One of the most beautiful high moor lakes in Austria. A special natural spectacle for early risers. The sunrise over the small moor lake is unique. An unforgettable experience on your hiking holiday in Gosau! Fascinating impressions for all hiking enthusiasts! Also easy to get to with the slow train.

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Theme world "Mountain biking & E-biking"

Whether you ride a mountain bike to achieve sporting ambitions or for pure enjoyment, the landscape around Lake Hallstatt is a bikers' paradise.

Salzkammergut MTB Trophy 2024

More than 5.000 participants from 40 nations make the Salzkammergut Trophy Austria's biggest MTB marathon. One of the most spectacular marathon tracks in Europe!

Bed & Bike

Still searching for a suitable accommodation for your unforgettable mountain bike holiday in the Salzkammergut? Here you will find our excellent bike orientated hosts at the click of a button - - and you can also book directly!

Bike rental in the Salzkammergut

Don't have your own bike? But would you like to explore the beautiful lake landscape by bike? Our bike rental company offers e-bikes, mountain bikes as well as gravel bikes and many other models. Almost nothing is left to be desired.

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One click: inspiration for active holidaysin the Salzkammergut

Hiking, climbing, water sports, mountain biking - the mountains of the Salzkammergut meet all the requirements for a varied active holiday from spring through summer to autumn. Whether calm or fast-paced - there is something for everyone.

Stand-Up-Paddling in the Salzkammergut

The lakes in the Salzkammergut offer the best conditions for this new trend sport. Give it a go. You can find all the required information in this article. Get on board and off you go!

A climbing paradise for beginners and the experienced

Rugged rock faces, ridges and turrets - the magical fascination can be felt immediately. Whether you are a newcomer, an experienced mountaineer or a passionate climber – you will find it around Lake Hallstatt.

Canyoning around Lake Hallstatt

Sometimes wild, sometimes picturesque - definitely natural! Beautiful gorges & canyons and many new experiences and adventures await you while canyoning in the World Heritage.

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Sound of nature: Best of Hiiking in the Salzkammergut - trails for every level

Summit happiness and deep valleys, shady beer gardens, fragrant meadows, culture & culinary delights along the way - that's hiking in the Salzkammergut. Nature lovers will find everything to please their hiking hearts. Get a breath of mountain air now!

Guided hikes

Feel as a team. Enjoy conversations, laugh and move, get out of breath, arrive together and look down into the valley and enjoy the wonderful views.

Mountain events in the Salzkammerut

Breakfast on the mountains - guided hikes. The mountains are there to be conquered! From you. And we have the best mountain events for you. this is your time These are your mountains. Do something outside

Mountain Moments

The “Hiking in Autumn Program” includes hiking tours ranging from 500 m to 2100 m above sea level from August to October in Obertraun at Lake Halls.

Themenwelt "Kids & Family"

A new adventure every day: Experiences for the whole family in the Salzkammergut

The Nature and Mountain Adventure World offers many exciting adventures with plenty of things to explore and lots of exercise. And the kids will not be the only ones standing in awe at the Adventure World of Koppenbrüller Cave.

Salzkammergut Treetop path

Erleben Sie einzigartige Perspektiven hoch über dem Waldboden mit atemberaubenden Panoramablick auf den Traunsee und Gmunden. Vorbei an zahlreichen Informations- und Erlebnisstationen schlängelt sich der Baumwipfelpfad durch den Bergmischwald am Grünberg.

Grünberg “Flitzer" Summer Toboggan Run

Speed & fun await big and small tobogganing fans on the Grünberg mountain near Gmunden on Lake Traunsee. Adrenalin kick along 1.4 km - whether with mum, dad or alone - a great excursion tip for those who feel the need for speed

Children's tour with Sally in the Altaussee Salt Mine -

Visitors of all ages can experience the world of miners and salt in a completely new way with Sally in the Altaussee salt mine. The family experience for everyone from the age of 4.

Event calendar & theme worlds

All Events at a glance

What's going on in the Salzkammergut? All events at a click. Our event calendar at a click. From conventions to concerts. From nature to culture. Here you will find events in Obertraun, Hallstatt, Bad Goisern, Gosau or Bad Ischl. From tradition to hiking. The choice is yours!

Unique holiday memory: yodelling course on the mountain - Join us now!

Fancy an unusual Urlaun experience? Learn how to yodel with voice expert Anita Biebl on Mount "Katrin" in Bad Ischl. Those who take part have something to tell after their holiday. Memories for life!

Lake Hallstatt Swimming Marathon in Bad Goisern

The swimming event of the summer! On July 27, 2024, Lake Hallstatt will be all about the 13th Swimming Marathon - a sporting highlight for all friends of limitless open water swimming.

Goiserer Stand Up Fun Day in Bad Goisern

The fun highlight of the summer! Not a dry eye in the house. If you have a board and can stand up, then you are our man / woman! Register now for the funniest event in the Salzkammergut!

Traditional Events in the Salzkammergut

Genuine and down-to-earth, varied and unusual - the traditional events in the Salzkammergut. This is how you get to know the country and its people! Come and see!

Handicraft exhibition on the Capital of Culture in Bad Goisern

The Salzkammergut Hand.Werk.Haus (Craftsman's House) invites you to a major exhibition of international and local artists in the Capital of Culture year. An impressive exhibition that you should definitely see!

Art & Culture Events in the Salzkammergut

The best of classical music, poetry, jazz, Austropop, theatre and customs through to cabaret and operetta. The best cultural events in the Salzkammergut at a click. Always up to date!

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Salzkammergut Summer Card

For all bargain hunters. Available at any tourist office. Free for stays of three nights or more. Save on mountain cable cars or tourist sights. Pick up the Salzkammergut Card now. A good choice!

Tourist Office Bad Goisern

Informative brochures and catalogues with great offers for any time of year can be sent to you quickly and at no obligation. We look forward to your call and will be happy to give you advice and further information personally with News.

Information - Anything you want to know – at a glance

Whether you plan on staying in the Dachstein Salzkammergut region for several days or a mere few hours, whether you travel by yourself or with friends and family – we supply detailed information for your visit in the Dachstein Salzkammergut region.

News from the World Heritage

Here you will find information for hikers, train travelers, motorists and much more. In addition to the following latest news, we will keep you up to date via our Twitter channel.

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