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Hiking on the “SalzAlpenSteig” (Salt Alps climb) trail.

Information for hikers

For all those, who plan to hike along the long-distance hiking trails "SalzAlpensteig" and "Salzkammergut SeenBergeTrail" this summer and autumn: Please note that due to the closure of the "Salzkammergut Soleweges", there is a diversion in place via the "Ostuferwanderweg", along the fjord-like Lake Hallstatt. This is signposted along the path network! Further information can also be obtained from the friendly staff of the Hallstatt Tourist Office.

Premium long-distance trail for connoisseurs

Hiking over several days is all the rage. It is hard to believe, but both Austria and Germany have a variety of long-distance trails. Definitely one of the most beautiful long walks is crossing the Alps on the “Traunpfad” (dream path) from Munich to Venice. Since autumn 2014, the trail network has been enriched by a new attraction for nature lovers: The “SalzAlpenSteig” (Salt Alps climb): This premium long-distance trail covers 233 kilometres in 18 stages from historical Hallstatt on the romantic Salzkammergut Soleweg, continuing over the Goisererhütte to Russbach in Tennengau, past the Watzmann, via the picturesque church of St. Bartholomew in Koenigssee, through the Berchtesgadener Land and onto the Chiemsee, the "Bavarian Sea" - a cross-border long-distance hike from Austria to Germany!

Hiking with all your senses

The “SalzAlpenSteig” is walking with all the senses - a symbiosis of mountains, culture and tradition. Historical relics bear witness to the origins of mountain life. The salt, as a source of wealth, promoted the creation of crafts, traditions and customs. All of this resonates with you on the hike and makes the “SalzAlpenSteig” an authentic, special hiking experience. Not only that, but the new long-distance trail is also - in moderate technical demands – a “stage” in the positive sense to display the Alpine beauty of lakes, alpine meadows, ravines and gorges. The highest point of the “SalzAlpenSteig” is the striking 1,674 meter high Hochfelln, the “observation deck of the Chiemgau".

The full diversity of the Alps on one path

The exploration of each region, along with their diverse historical, cultural and culinary highlights is made easy on the premium long-distance trail. Besides the magnificent scenery along the “SalzAlpenSteig” you will discover, not only a variety of attractions such as lakes, churches, ruins, castles, but also monuments and fantastic vantage points such as the Goisererhütte.

Our tip: Why not combine an unforgettable holiday in Hallstatt with a hiking experience of a very special kind: En route on the new long-distance trail between the oldest salt mine in the world and the "Bavarian Sea". All information is available from the tourist office in Hallstatt. Of course you can walk the “SalzAlpenSteig“ in the opposite direction from Chiemsee to the Salzkammergut and end the tour with a unique and unforgettable holiday in Hallstatt. Whatever you decide, we wish you impressive hiking days on the new premium long-distance path between mountains and lakes.

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Rustic! Incomparable! Simply Irresistible!

Simply get away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by nature, cowbells ringing instead of your smartphone…. Holidays up on an Alpine pasture, or in one of the many mountain huts, are becoming increasingly popular. But it is not always easy to find the "right" Alpine pasture or mountain hut. Therefore, we have compiled the most beautiful "Mountain service stations" for you, with stunning panoramic pictures and the most important information for all "newcomers" and World Heritage hikers. As it is usual in the Simonyhütte, the Adamekhütte or Hütteneckalm in Bad Goisern to greet people informally with a “Du” rather that the formal "Sie", as we say here in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut…. "Grias di"!

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